Information Security Policy

Tackling information security is regarded as one of important issues on business activities of TESS Engineering Co., Ltd.

We strive to continuously improve protection of information assets which our clients and we are in possession of, and prevention pf security incidents by establishment of particular management system conforming to "JIS Q27001:2014".

We set forth, execute and promote "Information Security Policy" described below to prove worthy of public and clients' trust.

  • 1. We establish information security control system to maintain and continuously improve security management system.
  • 2. We execute security measure based on risk assessment to prevent and avoid recurrence of security incidents.
  • 3. Education and training against executives and employees is carried out to deepen awareness of information protection and disseminate rules about the information management.
  • 4. We provide services complying with the related laws, regulations and requirements from clients, and ensure security of information assets.

July 1, 2017

TESS Engineering Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Toshihiro Takasaki